"Get Your Own App  
to support your clients" 
(And make post-surgery follow-up convenient for you)

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"Get Your Own
Clinic App
to support your clients"
(And make post-surgery follow-up convenient for you)
(Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)
Try the Client App Now for Free:
Join the growing number of veterinary surgeons  
Using their own app to ensure client compliance
Improving their client experience
Offering greater support for their clients post-surgery 
Better post-surgery surveillance with fewer appointments

How does this work ?

What Exactly is the Difference between Your Own App and What I Do

 Your Clinic App + Simini Review

  • Your Own App: with your clinic logo and branding
  • More than 90 videos 
  • ​Your own app prepares clients for surgery, and insures clients provide the right care, at the right time, in the right way
  • Simini Review App: Post-surgery surveillance from your phone
  • ​Surgeons receive real-time patient updates to their phone, leading to less need for follow-up appointments, and prioritizing concerning cases
  • ​Reduce your time on post-surgery surveillance by more than 50%, and make it convenient for you

Your Own App to Help Clients Manage Recovery

  • Videos to prepare clients for surgery day
  • Daily checklists and videos to keep on top of recovery activities
  • ​​Videos to answer the most frequently asked questions 
  • ​Demonstration videos of the most common rehab exercises
  • ​Clients can send you progress updates with incision photos

Finally Patient Follow-Up 
Is Convenient

  • Simini Review is an app just for surgeons
  • ​Manage post surgery follow-up when it is convenient for you
  • ​Significantly cut your time on post-surgery follow-up 
  • Can reduce phone calls and appointments, while identifying cases that need priority follow-up

Demonstrations by 
Veterinary Surgeons

  • Key rehab exercises demonstrated
  • Client Activities: including cold therapy, moist heat therapy, massage and towel walking
  • Convenient for clients to follow on their phones while beside their pet 
  • ​Your Own App is available 24/7, 365 a year
  • ​Delivers a consistent message every time

We Help Your Clients
Download and Use the App

  • For those clients who need tech help
  • ​Or clients who have questions about your App. 
  • ​ Clients can go to www.VetAppHelp.com for their answers.
  • ​Your staff is focused on care, and we are focused on tech.

Some Sample Videos 
From the Client App

 Day 5
Daily Checklist Video

Preparing Yourself
Pre-surgery Video to Prepare Clients

Swollen Ankles.. Should I Worry
FAQ Answered for Clients

Exercise Demonstration Video

Recovery From Anesthesia
Surgery Day Video

Car Ride Home
Surgery Day Video

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Will the app for my clients be branded with my practice logo and name?
Absolutely, your logo will be the app icon on your client's phone.  We will also brand all the pages on your clients' app with your desired practice branding.
As well, we will select a web address for the app which is tied to your brand.
Where do my client's progress updates, sent through the app, go ?
There are four options.   You can choose 1, 2, 3, or all 4 options.  The progress updates can be sent (1) as a real-time email, (2) a real-time text message, (3) compiled in a spreadsheet, or (4) to the surgeon app ("Simini Review") where you can manage follow-up from your phone.
Can progress updates be transferred to my patient management software?
Yes, most veterinarians can copy the data from the spreadsheet of all updates and add them to the patient's medical record.
If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes. Email cd@simini.com or call (647) 292-4920 anytime.
What if I have a unique rehab plan post-surgery?
No problem.  The written daily checklists in your clinic app for clients are completely customizable.   We will send you a summary of the checklists and you can customize them how you wish.
Can I add my own videos?
Definitely.   We can add any videos you may have created.  
What I want to make changes to the post-surgery instructions in the future?
This is very straightforward.   We will send you a summary of the checklists and you can customize them how you wish.
Can I have progress updates sent to me by email or text?
Yes.  Just let us know the email addresses and phone numbers where you wish the progress updates be sent. 
Can clients see the comments I write in the Surgeon App?
No.  Only the surgeon and selected staff can access the surgeon app ("Simini Review").   Clients have no access to the surgeon app. 
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