About Simini

Tackling Problems 
with No Current Solutions

Clients whose pets have undergone orthopedic surgery can have a recovery period of many weeks.  Veterinary surgeons look support them through this period.  Providing an easy to follow app that answers FAQs, demonstrates rehab exercises, and shares daily checklists and videos while being available 24/7.

Technology Contributing to 
Excellent Care

Leading veterinary surgeons leverage technology to make post-surgery care more convenient for clients and for staff.  Real-time progress updates from clients allow for concerns to be prioritized over routine reviews.

Experienced Leadership 

Simini Protect is led by drug development veteran Carl Damiani. Prior to founding Simini, Carl was President of a NASDAQ listed human health company with late stage clinical products for Alzheimer's, dementia and diabetes. After completing the sale of that company, Carl turned his attention to improving veterinary clinical outcomes. The Simini Protect products provide a unique opportunity for veterinarians to reap all the benefits today from the development work performed by human surgeons.  

Sustainable Vets

Sustainable Vets are  a group of veterinarians that diligently embraces new technologies and techniques that continually "raise the bar" of care. 

 In delivering better outcomes to pets, Sustainable Vets focus on carefully choosing healthcare approaches that are best for their patient, the community and veterinary profession.

Learn more at www.sustainablevet.org 

Sustainability is everyone's responsibility